03/16/2016 07:09:58
this is ... very good. Thank's
08/6/2016 18:06:19
thanks for this offer, may God bless you.
11/10/2016 06:14:32
Invalid EPub in Ms Word 2016 when have cover image. Beside this, the footer notes apears wrong in Google play Books. Google Docs export footer notes diferently of ePUB Maker. Ebooks created by Google Docs shows footer notes correctly
12/20/2016 04:04:45
I want to give this a try.
03/9/2018 03:09:44

Your install application installed NOTHING. I've tried to install it several times, but without ANY result.

Your instructions are not valid - doesn't work on Windows 7 and MsOffice 2007.

06/17/2018 17:16:40

<Proposal for Improvement of Epubee Converter>

I am a Korean currently using epubee.
What I'm talking about is capacity issues when I create the Convert PDF to EPUB.
When an individual converts a document, they limit the epub to a capacity of less than 10MB when converting it to pdf.
I am satisfied with all of these tools, but I am dissatisfied with the capacity limitations.
I hope to improve.

Thank you.

02/9/2019 19:14:14
Did not convert on Windows 8, MS word 2016. Try some other program.
03/27/2019 14:42:00
Could not install. Error: "Support Microsoft Office for Net framework 4.0 is not installed". Help me.
04/26/2019 16:18:56
With the "Free Download" button you can download the older version "" and not the new version "".
05/26/2019 17:10:10
Thanks for your work! How can I make a donation to you?

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